• Hand-crafted 100% pure ale

• Bottle conditioned

• 8% – 8.59% alcohol by volume

• This full-bodied ale is bottled in limited amounts right here at the Moab Brewery.

Available in 22 oz. bomber bottles at all Utah State Liquor stores:

Black Imperial India Pale Ale, spawned from west coast brewers who have no problem bending what we think about traditional ale styles, is dark, rich and extremely hoppy. Made from the finest Two Row barley, fresh Moab water, house yeast, lots of hops, it’s then fermented in American oak, dry hopped and bottle conditioned. The bottle conditioning, r secondary fermentation, provides carbonation. Expect a small amount of yeast in the bottle.


The Black Imperial India Pale Ale pairs well with sharp American and artisanal blue cheeses, barbecued chicken, beef brisket and spicy Indian food. Plays well with very sweet desserts like carrot cake, caramel cheesecake or crème brulèe.


Our Tripel was inspired by the hard working Artisan brewers in monasteries across Belgium. It is said that the Belgian Tripel is regarded by the Belgian ale drinker as a style itself. Our Tripel is a pale colored ale made with Pilsen malt and a traditional addition of Belgian candy sugar, then hopped with German Noble and Saaz hops. This ale has a light malt nose and a ubtle hop aroma. In traditional fashion, this Tripel has been conditioned in the bottle to create natural carbonation and long-term stability.


The Tripel pairs well with fine brie and camembert cheeses, spicy Cajun food, crab cakes, shell fish and roast turkey. Delicious with non-chocolate desserts like apricot-amaretto tart, baklava, Linzer torte.


Our Scotch ale or “Wee Heavy,” was included in this series to pay tribute to the hearty Scots who have enjoyed rich, full ales for centuries. This ale was traditionally made with malt dried in peat-fired ovens. This leaves a slightly smoky flavor adding to the malt character. “Wee Heavy” is made with fine Two Row barley and a portion of smoked malt, English hops, pure Moab water and Scottish yeast. It is aged in French oak and bottle conditioned. “Wee Heavy” is a brown-ruby rich color and has a sweet malt character.


The Scotch Ale pairs well with sharp cheddars and aged gruyère cheese, roasted beef, smoked salmon, grilled lamb, and large game dishes. Brilliant with sticky toffee pudding or chocolate chip shortbread.


Beside pictures, t-shirts and outlandish stories, Moab, Utah is not known for many other exports.  In this vein, we created an Export Stout to take with you on your many travels. Our Export Stout can withstand the trip!  Built with travel in mind, this stout has an extra amount of Two Row barley and roasted malts.  The Export Stout tastes of rich malt with roasted coffee and dark chocolate flavors. This ale pours black with a light brown head and finishes silky.  We prepared this bottle for transport by not filtering out the yeast.  Instead, we used the yeast to help us naturally carbonate this beer for the long haul.  Expect a small amount of yeast in the bottle.


Our Export Stout pairs well with aged cheddars, rich food like barbequed beef, Mexican mole and spicy Thai.  Fantastic with chocolate espresso cake and cream puffs.

Store upright, chill and serve at 55°F to room temperature.  Serve in an imperial pint or wide mouth glassware.  Always share with a friend and drink to good times and future trips to Moab.

This hearty red ale is malt rich and has serious hop character.  Hopped Rye pours ruby red with a thick tan head.  The citrus and floral aromas are from the four varieties of hops. The ruby red hues and peppery flavors are a result of using some red rye malt in the mash.  We hopped it up with Columbus, Centennial, Chinook and Willamette hops for an aggressive hop finish.

We made our Hopped Rye with the finest Two Row barley and red rye malt, plenty of hops, pure Moab water and house ale yeast.  This beer is not filtered and is still alive- a process called bottle conditioning.  Other than the natural carbonation produced by bottle conditioning, it also helps to preserve the beer.  Expect a small amount of yeast in the bottle and please do not overheat- temperatures above 75°F are damaging to the sleeping yeast.


The Hopped Rye pairs well with gorgonzola, cambozola, rich artisan blue cheeses, strong spicy dishes with curry, smoked beef brisket and grilled lamb.  Brilliant with caramel apple tart, ginger spice cake and crème brulèe.

Store upright, chill and serve at 50°F to 55°F.  Use wide mouth glassware to allow the vibrant malt and hop aromas to escape.  Please, drink with others, so there is someone else to blame.